Three-day gastronomic tour for gourmets

To true gourmets as well as those who like to eat delicious and have fun in the bosom of nature. The firm “Crazy Tour” invites you to spend 3 unforgettable days in Armenia. You will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the Armenian traditional cuisine, but also to participate in cooking. In each region of our country you can try dishes appropriate to the area. In this case, our professional restaurant chefs will help you, as well as good-natured hosts in rural areas.

Day 1

Hellenistic temple of the 1st century. (Symphony of Stones). Under the canopy of apricot trees you will cook your own barbecue or wrap the dolma with cabbage and grape leaves.

Day 2

Lake Sevan Blue pearl of the Caucasus. On the shore of the picturesque lake Sevan at an altitude of 2000m. Over  Sea, after a walk on the yacht, sitting by the fire you will roast on the coals fish trout or crab cuft. Yes, yes you did not mistake the kyufta from the crabs that are caught from the same lake. (Learning the Armenian folk dance Kochari) In the evening in the picturesque gorge Tsaghkadzor, on the top of Mount Alibek 3000m. (Do not be afraid there we will rise on the cable car). In the mountain cafe “Alibek” you will be served a famous khash.

Day 3

The village of Areni. Temple Noravank. Areni is the village itself that has become famous not only for winemaking but also for the fact that it was here that the Neanderthal shoe was recently found. You are expected to taste branded wines and Armenian cognac and most importantly all this will take place in the wine cellar “Areni” from oak barrels.  It seems to you that you are in paradise! Traveler Jean Chardin wrote: “If there are lakes, mountains, waterfalls and forests in paradise, then paradise is like Armenia”.

Everyone who visited Armenia will not forget about our amazing country, about the Armenian cuisine, which you can not write or tell about it, you should try. Come and see for yourself. Hospitable Armenia is waiting for you!