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Product description: Prednisolone is in a class of drugs called steroids, that include hormones cortisone and hydrocortisone. Prednisolone prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation.
Active Ingredient:
Prednisolone as known as: Adelcort, Adelone, Aersolin d, Ak-pred, Alertine, Alpicort, Apicort, Aprednislon, Bisuo a, Blephamide, Bronal, Capsoid, Cetapred, Chloramphecort-h, Compesolon, Cor tyzine, Corotrope, Cortan, Cortico-sol, Cortisal, Cortisol, Danalone, Decortin h, Delta-cortef, Deltacortenesol, Deltacortril, Deltahydrocortisone, Deltapred, Deltastab, Dermol, Dermosolon, Deturgylone, Dhasolone, Di-adreson-f, Dojilon, Dontisolon, Econopred, Emsolone, Encortolon, Estilsona, Fenicort, Fisiopred, Fisopred, Flo-pred, Frisolona forte, Glucortin, Gupisone, Hefasolon, Hexacorton, Hexy-solupred, Hydrocortancyl, Hydrocortidelt, Infectocortikrupp, Inflanefran, Inflanegent, Insolone, Intalsolone, Key-pred, Klismacort, Kohakusanin, Lenisolone, Lepicortinolo, Lidomex kowa, Linola-h n, Locaseptil-neo, Lygal, Mecortolon, Mediasolone, Medopred, Meprisolon, Metacortandralone, Meti-derm, Meticortelone, Minisolone, Nurisolon, Ocupred, Oftalmol, Omnipred, Ophtapred, Optipred, Optival, Orapred, Orapred odt, Panafcortelone, Paracortol, Parisilon, Pediacort, Pediapred, Pednisol, Precodil, Precortalon aquosum, Pred-clysma, Predacort, Predalone, Predate s, Predcor, Predenema, Predfoam, Predicort, Predinga, Predlone, Predmix, Prednefrin, Prednesol, Predni, Predni h tablinen, Predni-pos, Prednicortil, Prednigalen, Prednihexal, Predniliderm, Predniocil, Prednip, Prednis, Prednisolon caproate, Prednisolona, Prednisolonacetat, Prednisolonpivalat, Prednisolonum, Prednisolut, Prednizolons, Predohan, Predonema, Predonine, Predsim, Predsol, Predsolets, Preflam, Prelon, Prelone, Premandol, Prenin, Prenolone, Preson, Prezolon, Rectopred, Redipred, Riemser, Scheriproct, Scherisolona, Sintisone, Solone, Solpren, Solu-dacortina, Solu-decortin, Soluble prednisolone, Solupred, Sopacortelone, Sophipren, Spirazon, Spiricort, Sterolone, Ultracortenol, Vasocidin, Walesolone, Wysolone, Youmeton

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